We have extensive hands on experience installing, maintaining and updating Dell Enterprise Servers, from m1000 blade chassis, FX-2’s and standard Pizza boxes like R610/620/630 and the current generation of R640’s loaded with 960GB SSD drives.

Our relationship with HP and IBM hardware goes back over 22 years, with 11 years working on HP mission critical “T” series, “N” series mainframe grade technology as well as several generations of DL servers and everything in between.

IBM Servers don’t get a miss either loads of practical support of 1U and 2U servers through to P590 mainframes.

Our latest project is updating a 34 node SGI High Performance Compute cluster for a research institute. Backend storage is 56Gbit Infiniband connected SGI Storage nodes.

If its hardware you rack in a Data Center, then chances are we have worked on it.