Our Services

Off Grid Engineering provides contracted support for your environment. Typically you engage us for periods of 1-12 months. We can also provide a range of re-engineering services to push your online presence to the next level on a time frame to suit you.

Backup & Recovery

Its surprising how many organizations have no viable backup solution in place and never test backups to make sure they work. We can implement a viable solution that works day and night.

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Linux Support

We love Linux! It's been our platform of choice for two decades. We can support, upgrade and migrate your applications and data between Linux Environments easily as well as provide day to day support.

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VMware is the leading Virtualization platform for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises. If you need a support professional for your installation then we can help. We can also support other Linux based virtualization systems like OpenStack and CloudLinux.

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Database Systems

If you are seeking support for your Database software or you need to move to a High Availability Solution or Disaster Recovery solution then talk to us. Off Grid Engineering has skills in MariaDB, Postgres and MySQL. We can address Business Continuity issues and provide the right solution for you.

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The explosion in data being generated by the web has fueled the endless need for storage. That's lead to a range of storage vendors and options to solve various business solutions. If you need help in deciding, supporting or even migrating between storage systems then talk to us.

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Coding & Development

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, other software components.

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Why Choose Us?

We have 20 years of Systems Engineering experience in mission critical environments. Here are some of the services we can provide:

Backup & Recovery

We can configure automated backup of your critical data and provide a recovery system if something goes wrong.

High Availability

We can scale your system so its always up.

Updates and Security

Locking down the server to reduce its attack surface is vital and keeping it up to date as threats emerge is critical. We can proactivly update Wordpress and Laravel applications so they are as up to date as possible.

Virtualization Support

We can provide design, validation and support for a range of Virtualizatin platforms from VMWare to Openstack.

Portfolio of Projects

As we see more environments in the course of our contracted roles, we decided to share some technical details of some of the environments we are working in at present.

ME4 Storage Arrays

#Hardware #Storage

Clustered Storage

#Hardware #High Performance Computing #Storage

Data Center / Hardware Support


MD Series Disk Arrays

#Hardware #Storage