About Off Grid Engineering

We design, we build, you benefit.....

About Us

  • We design systems that suit YOUR business needs - Both Hardware and Software, Physical and Virtualized.
  • We write bespoke business software to fulfill your business shortcomings and run it from the cloud.
  • We provide a consulting service for you to bounce ideas, raise issues and get a straight forward response, no lies, no jargon (well some jargon but we explain it).
  • We are Linux experts, 25 years of Unix/Linux hands on System Engineering in both physincal deployments and via virtualization stacks using industry leaders like VMWare, AWS and Virtuozzo.
  • We can document your internal systems and provide consulting on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options that will work in your business.
  • Running Legacy systems? Need an idea of how to refactor them for the cloud and a modern technology stack? - Contact us.


Moving your business into the cloud or onto any modern technology stack is difficult, we can provide a cost effective analysis service to look at your legacy systems and guide you on the best path forward for your business wether you are a small entity or a large corporation. We have worked in all industries and designed, built and deployed solutions across a range of industries.
We can consult with you on building systems and software using the latest production ready technology stacks hosted in the cloud or on premises. Skilled in Docker, VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Virtuosso Virtualization technologies, we can recomend the right solution that is cost effective for you. We are skilled in Agile software development methodolgies and have an excellent track record in delivering working system on budget and in time. Using these skills we can analyse the work needed to move Legacy projects forward and recomend a stradegy to keep on top of the ever changing technology curve.
Which every service you require, it can be provided as an affordable hourly consulting service or fixed term contracting.

Virtualization Deep Dive

Virtualization is not new, its been around for decades and is a proven technology to better utilize server capacity. The main technology platforms are AWS, VMWare, Google Cloud, Virtuozzo and now for software deployment, Docker. Moving your business into the cloud or onto any modern technology stack is difficult and it can be costly. Managing your own pysical platform is also expensive but gives you complete control. If you require a cost effective Analysis Service to look at your legacy systems installation and recomend a path forward. If your a small eCommerce user or a large corporation our skills can be taylored to suit.

Legacy Software Solutions

Staying on Top