Core Files in CENTOS 7

Since Centos 7 came out there has been a significantly growth in the number of core files appearing on machines I look after. Since these machines are all package built and maintained with YUM from the CENTOSrepositories then that is a bit of a worrying trend. As an aside, I’ve also noticed the number of package upgrade failures increasing as well, usually an old package and new co-exiting and both marked as active.

This post is dedicated to finding and removing the core files, the command is simple (executed from ‘/’):

cd /
find . -type f -name "core.*[0-9]" -print

Removing them is just as simple, once you have verified the files are in-deed core files, then use:

find . -type f -name "core.*[0-9]" -exec rm -f {} \; -print


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